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Recent protests demanding that we open various parts of the country back up for business might be a bit cringeworthy, but as someone who has a bone to pick with the Control Left I find them encouraging. Clearly some people do not understand how pandemics work and why restrictions were necessary, or why opening up everything too soon might mean a destroyed economy AND tens of thousands more dead in an urban center nearest you.

But the reason why I find their (mostly) misplaced anger encouraging is that every tin-pot helmeted wannabe dictator from public offices around the country got all excited about their new powers and immediately went overboard when it comes to bad leadership and counterproductive public policies.

Not everyone suffered the whims of entitled fools, elected or otherwise, but many in the Joe Sixpack demographic managed to get their first unadulterated glimpse of exactly what kind of milquetoast meatheads we have at the helm of our beloved institutions and why voting for people without actual leadership skills can be a life and death decision. Across the board there were all sorts of F grades given for botched response times followed by draconian power grabs in the name of doing what is best for the public. At the time of this writing it looks like we have mostly flattened that curve, but now the goalposts are being moved while our betters try to figure out how to hang on to their new-found powers.

For decades we have been in a decline of both rights and quality of life, and the response to each succeeding crisis is always we have to give more and learn to live with less. The great thing about the WuFlu is it emboldened our betters to way overstep their position in a way that was so obvious that people can no longer afford ignore it.

One of the first things they teach you in culinary school is temperature control, and in the great frog boiling experiment to end our Republic someone accidentally cranked the stovetop to 10 and the frog noticed what was going on. Cue populist anger songs, because we might actually be heading for some positive changes in this country for once.

Talking with some people who are the straight-and-narrow types who religiously believe that the system will always take care of them, I actually started hearing some doubts and cynicism. A friend was asked his bank about getting a federally backed break on his mortgage and they passed him paperwork to try and trick him into starting the foreclosure process.

Another friend applied for the small business forgivable loans. Twice. Only to find Harvard University and the NBA jumped in line before her, showing the kind of corruption and favoritism that someone might find in a certain Asian country where they sell the organs of prisoners on the black market.

The frogs can no longer afford to ignore the Chinese system of government that our tech billionaire media controllers want more than anything else. They are finally questioning the end game of Capitalism and what do you do with the kind of people who are never satisfied and always demand MORE. How boring it must be to be a billionaire. At some point you realize there is nothing left to gain in the material world, yet our survival monkey brains are wired towards dissatisfaction and dominating others. Let us face it. The kind of people who spend most of their lives with a laser focus accumulating vast amounts of wealth are not the MLKs, Ghandis, or Mother Theresas.

Zuckerberg gets off on stabbing animals to death and eating them, Bill Gates pushes one failed power grab dressed up as charity agenda after another, Twitter Jack censors information that does not agree with the Chinese official story, and pretty much every screaming leftist insists that nobody refers to the virus “Chinese” even though that is exactly where it came from. I am starting to wonder if the reason they are getting so defensive is that Chinese version of government oppression is the template that they want to spread over the rest of the world.

Maybe someone who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a second is a better decision maker than a toilet seat licker, but the latter still has a need for freedom. What the oligarchs do not seem to understand is that the Chinese people have been living with this stuff for years but Americans know what freedom tastes like and at some point they are going to fight back. For better or worse that train might be finally pulling into the station as we speak.

My advice to the oligarchs is to use your immense powers to benefit ALL mankind and abandon your People’s Republic of North America fever dream. Continued attempts to force us into submission will only result in things getting so ugly that there will be nowhere on this earth safe enough for you to hide.


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