"Why so angry? You people would still be living in caves if it wasn't for us!"

Billionarie-owned Honolulu Civil Beat cannot understand why their establishment cheerleading opinions are being ignored, so instead of questioning their failed strategy to browbeat the plebs into submission they have decided to start a race war.

The new article series kicking off a few weeks ago called Fault Lines is a thinly veiled attempt to sidestep Hawaii’s growing frustration with a corrupt and unresponsive government by laying the responsibility at the feet it’s intended victims.

The tumult over TMT had earlier inspired the Civil Beat Editorial Board to offer a strongly worded condemnation against law breakers, where they demanded that the unreasonable protestors lay down their signs and walk off the mountain. Amazing how leftists so quickly swing over to right-wing sentiment once the underserved demographics they supposedly represent start to disagree with them.

“Yes, Hawaiians, we find your superstitious nonsense of a nature-based religion quite charming and will be sure to mention it on the tourist brochures. The colorful protest will be remembered the next time our spineless unelected bureaucrats decide to ram another project down your throat. Now please step aside because we need to continue defacing the center of your culture with yet another telescope so that we can look for more planets to exploit.” -Tesla Driving Manoa Liberal

So in other words “Your lawn is now my lawn. Get off my lawn.”

Of course such a tone-deaf and intellectually dishonest approach has only served to strengthen the resolve of the TMT protestors, and now the spotlight is uncomfortably shining on the rubber-stamp legislative and judicial processes that highly favors developers who regularly contribute to the appropriate political campaigns. It remains to be seen how long the protestors will hold out, but so far there is no indication that they will voluntarily walk away any time soon.

Meanwhile the notoriously censored Civil Beat comments section has turned into a safe space for Ivy League lipstick liberals to channel their inner turn-of-the-last-centry Mississippian. Taking a stance against illegal immigration might get you banned, but pro-colonialism and ethnocentric opinions are widely accepted as long as they are aimed squarely at the host culture. After all without culturally superior whites and Asians telling Hawaiians what to do they would still be living in caves without access to modern medicine, amiright?

“Attention Liberals. Al Qaeda is now our ally in the Middle East. Also we would like to reveal our new Resistance flag.”

It almost seems to be designed to make them dig in their heels deeper, but then you realize that this is the country where a presidential candidate called half the country a “basket of deplorables” and now refuses to understand why (or even accept the fact) that she lost the election. Screaming obscenities at people who disagree us with has become the replacement for open and honest debate, and internet moguls have dropped a hammer on the free expression by allowing hate speech from those who share their point of view while de-platforming everyone who disagrees with them. I am still waiting for someone to accuse Hawaiian protest leader of being Nazis. After all, they used to have a segregated society based on religious fundamentalism, massacred civilians in territorial wars, and used capitol punishment on criminals and dissidents. Obviously we have never tolerated that sort of behavior in our own squeaky clean history of the United States.

So what does a socially irresponsible elitist owned media outlet do if their tone deaf browbeating campaign fails to stomp out the fires of populism? Actually taking the Hawaiian point of view seriously is out of the question, so it is time to fall back on old faithful colonial trick of divite et impera by sewing cultural divisions to distract attention from the real agenda of social control.

Start a race war!

While the articles in the series dance around some issues, the real meat and potatoes come out in “Can White People Ever Be Local?” and “Are you Local?” which supposedly were designed to “bridge the growing disconnects in Hawaii” but in actuality only open them up wider by inciting readers to focus on race consciousness instead of the fact that wealth inequality in Hawaii has us resembling Sao Paulo more and more each day. Only more eco friendly! 

Hawaii is pretty much like everywhere else in the world in the respect that if you show up here expecting to find racism you be successful. It is easy to find people who have been steamrolled by the Religion of Progress and are willing to lash out at any apparent representative, even though their intended target had nothing to do with it. When someone calls me a “fun-loving” haole it does not offend me in the slightest,. I know it really means that they taking out their frustrations on a guy who ethnically resembles the kind of people who signed off on their foreclosure paperwork and put their Tutu on the street. It is not personal. They simply don’t have big enough kukui nuts to set the bank on fire.

Is Everyone In Hawaii Racist?

Yes to a greater or lesser extent, but is merely a survival mechanism. The good news is if you come here with a willingness to learn as your only agenda you will still meet an initial resistance (because people here are not idiots and have been burned to many times by good intentions), but eventually that resistance subsides for the genuine while the ukus get combed out. Its a very Pacific Islander style cultural approach of taking time to know someone before business is brought up, versus North American hard-sell with an overtly aggressive fake smile and handshake, or Asian cultures’ passive aggressive surface-level civility while they pretend-to-agree and then go back to what they were doing as soon as the other party looks away.

Navigating these cultural differences can be tricky, but figuring out how to exploit them is the business of the professional colonialist. But what if the colonialists are not particularly skilled at their job? One of the worse examples of colonial mismanagement comes from the Belgian influence in Rwanda, where they successfully distracted the local population from the issues surrounding European exploitation by starting a race war between the Tutsis and Hutus. In the end the Europeans still their empire and the power vacuum resulted in entire cities hacking each other to death with machetes. Is this really something we want to bring to a Times parking lot near you?

The Real Issues

For our local elitists and their fawning toadies, starting a race war and inflaming racial tensions is clearly much more preferable than an uncomfortable period of soul searching. I have put together a list of uncomfortable realities for the Tesla-driving neosocialist Manoa dwellers to meditate on with the hope that they reconsider their recent attempts to set off a genocidal bloodbath.

1. People usually do not appreciate it when you insist on telling them what to do or to believe, and rightfully get offended when your feeble attempts at pretending to listen do not adequately suppress your contempt for those who you feel who are beneath you.

2. Nobody has to value your opinion just because of your higher education or social status. Pretty much all the major problems in the world are the direct or indirect result of Ivy League graduate incompetence and/or corruption. Paying too much money to be brainwashed by a large intuitions is not something worth bragging about any more.

3. The law is only the law because people agree that it should be the law. Once enough people get burned then waving around statutes and judgments does you no good. At some point you have to either admit defeat and step aside or send in the goon squad and start shooting.

4. There is an important long-term sustainability lesson here that the host culture is trying to teach us, but it cannot be learned if your attitude is to “educate” them in the ways of intellectual bankruptcy or shame them into complying with a system with a long history of supporting their disenfranchisement and eventual eradication. As the Aboriginals of Australia learned re-education is just another means of race war meant to strip people of their land and identity and then let them wither away in drugs and mental illness on the fringes of society until all that remains are Disney movies and revealing Halloween costumes. These are the descendants of people who crossed the Pacific at a time when most Europeans were too afraid to lose sight of land. They built one of the most amazing aquaculture systems in the world, yet our society would fall apart in a week if the boats stopped running. Maybe it is time to listen instead of lecturing.

5. You are losing. You probably do not understand why a significant amount of Hawaiians support Trump, and that is why you are losing. They recognize he is less of a threat to them than you are, and at the end of his first term a lot of them are way better off than eight years of Obama’s empty promises and downright betrayals. Your party takes the disenfranchised vote for granted, but corporate sell outs have made everyones lives worse and politicians have increasing difficulty tripping over their own broken campaign promises.

On a positive note

In the era of media consolidation that followed the Clinton deregulations and the rise of non-platform internet platforms, the efforts of a central elite to dictate the culture have paid off for them in a myriad of devastating policies for Sione Six Pack and his fellow Main Street crowd. Thankfully the spooks and marketers behind this effort are finding their jobs increasingly difficult and are now desperately trying to “reach out” for any sort of leverage they can in the pubic consciousness. The situation that is spinning out of control is good news for all non-billionaires, because it means things have finally gotten bad enough that lazy voters have been forced to confront the fact that the Lesser Evil is still Evil, and they can no longer afford sleepwalk through election cycles.

We all have a very important job here, which is to catch the media when it tries to influence us like this and hold them accountable. The intellectually lazy easily fall into blaming it on the neighbors because they look different, which has brought the human species incalculably levels of misery and woe. We know for a fact that it does not work and makes everyones lives a living hell.

Modern politics has done its best to convince us that we cannot make a difference as individuals, but in this case individual actions count infinitely more than blowhard media or public policy. Refuse to participate in race baiting and call out the ones who are doing it so that everyone can see what is going on. Just because they are foolishly choosing to resurrect this ancient demon does not mean we have to feed it.


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