Tusli Gabbard Honolulu Civil Beat
Not how you treat a soldier.

Before she ran for President of the United States she was the cats pajamas according to billionaire-owned Honolulu Civil Beat. But after she took a stance against the DNC for blatant election fraud (which is apparently legal since it is only a primary) the editors and Civil Beat just cant seem to pile on enough hate for the female minority soldier congresswoman.

For the past year the articles have come in heavy and hot, sounding a lot like Dewey Cox’s first wife insisting “Give up Tulsi, you are never going to make it!” instead of celebrating a hometown hero with a high approval rating who is taking on a blatantly corrupt and increasingly irrational establishment.

It makes one wonder what would happen if she was celebrated like the other candidates who are not excluded from debates and town halls by last minute arbitrary rule changes? Instead she was excoriated for the unforgivable crime of missing a handful of congressional votes in a revenge-obsessed do-nothing House. Even Bloomberg  got a free pass for buying his way into the election. Civil Beat has yet to comment on the apparent lost soul of the Democratic party as he then proceed to destroy what was left of their reputation with public bot shopping and a hefty backlog of on-camera quotes that demonstrate how much he despises ordinary people.

But then Bloomberg is a fellow billionaire to Pierre Omidyar, founder of Ebay and supporter of NGO and CIA-sponsored globalist interventions (aka color revolutions) around the world. Pierre has no qualms about subverting democratically elected governments abroad, so why should he feel any different about home? Tulsi is as populist as they come, running a voter funded campaign that eschews the usual corporate cash that floods the bank accounts of all of her challengers. Her small poll numbers are said to be a “failure” but with over 100,000 individual donors of less than $200 what it really represents is massive outspending by her corporate funded opponents along with a hostile media that has smeared the decorated soldier with accusations ranging from being a secret white supremacist to a Russian spy. All this without an ounce of dignity or shame as they unapologetically hype the next round of Forever Wars where soldiers like Gabbard will have to do all the fighting and dying for them.

And herein lies the rub. We are living in an unelected oligarchy that wraps itself in a thin veneer of democratic values, but actually believes that normal people are too stupid to make their own decisions and that Ivy League indoctrinated elites are not only our betters, but actually more akin to a different species that has passed down genteel and highly refined genetic superiority along with its generational wealth. They are willing to play ball with upstarts like Omidyars and Zuckerbergs as long as the kids toe the line and offer no resistance to the globalist agenda.

Omidyar even took the whole democratic veneer thing a step further by creating the Intercept as a way to mitigate the Edward Snowden leaks by taking control of the only complete collection of the documents, and then turning about face to financially isolate and smear Wikileaks and Assange.

But when it comes to honest hometown reporting we can trust our benevolent carpetbagger billionaire to carry the torch of truth, honesty, and integrity when it comes to fairly representing a bonafide hometown hero, yeah? It turns out not so much.

Tulsi trashing duties have been shared by Chad Blair, who at least has the dignity to label his hit pieces as editorials. The real Hack Journalist Award goes to establishment narrative expert Nick Grube, who went as far as flying out to the middle of nowhere in order to confront one of Tulsi’s political consultants along with his family. Nowhere in the story does it mention the more likely conspiracy theory of a vengeful Clinton machine that has threatened the entire Democratic political vendor network to avoid associating with the Gabbard campaign under penalty of blacklists and other McCarthy era repercussions. It only makes sense that Tulsi would have to find some outside-the-box replacements who are willing to not only buck the establishment but also run a campaign that is quite different from the usual corporate donation hog trough.

The report desperately tried to piece together some Scooby Doo narrative but ultimately went nowhere, which actually caused the editorial board to comically offer and explanation why this herculean attempt at investigative journalism came off like a cheap religious smear and only resulted in a couple thousand words of phantom allegations that apparently was never important enough to follow up on.

It is true that she met with Assad and has connections to the Science Identity Foundation, the latter being a seemingly harmless religious cult (except when they are running over swimmers with a speedboat). The shadowy religious stuff is normally a big turn off for me, but in this case I prefer to judge the candidate by the quality of her enemies. After all I have much more to fear from Google and the tentacles of Goldman Sachs, and another round of Clinton/Bush/Obama clones is the real clear and present danger. Seth Rich may still be a borderline conspiracy theory but Epstein is definitely not.

How I miss Honolulu Weekly. There were all sorts of perspectives from actual locals vs billionaire carpetbaggers and their hack toadies and paid troll armies. I hope one day this whole media consolidation thing falls apart and we rediscover the printing press technology that gave us a true Republic instead of a Chiquita banana dressed in SJW liberal lipstick. Who wants to do it? Does anyone know if John Pritchett is available?


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