missing ground plug electrical hazard
Missing ground plug. Electricity is the cause of more than 140,000 fires each year, resulting in 400 deaths, 4,000 injuries, and $1.6 billion in property damage. Total economic losses due to electrical hazards are estimated to exceed $4 billion annually.

There’s a reason you can’t do things like drive 100mph on the freeway or drink in public most places in America. It’s not because some grouchy old people got together and decided that now that they are decrepit and miserable that nobody else should be having fun, either. The reason is some jerk. Not just one, of course. It took lots of jerks who pushed the limits too far putting themselves and others in danger, wasting taxpayer dollars on unnecessary rescues, frothed up litigious lawyers, and bankrupted insurance companies.

Personal freedom is a cornerstone of our society, but as the saying goes your rights end where everyone else’s begin and unfortunately some people can’t seem to grasp that concept. So now we find ourselves in the Land of the Lawsuit, where skateboarding IS a crime and the Bill of Rights evolved into the Bill of Privileges and is on it’s way to becoming nothing at all. Popular targets of blame include bad cops, activist courts, shady politicians, and the shadow banking conspiracy run by reptilians from another dimension. It’s easier to throw up our hands and lament some invisible impossible-to-defeat enemy than it is to recognize the true cause of this collection of crises we call Wester Civilization: lack of personal responsibility. No matter how complex the problem, it almost always boils down to some jerk (or a circle of them working together) who took things too far, too fast and didn’t consider the consequences…or possibly just didn’t give a damn.

All That We Ask

Dear Reader, as we start this journey at IKYA together I would like to encourage you to look around in your daily life and observe the other people who share the air you breathe. Some of them look strange, have radically different opinions, display annoying tendencies, and possibly want to kill you. The bad news is you are responsible for them and they are responsible for you even if neither of you recognizes it.

Jesus was very specific about how we should treat our enemies, and if the Bible turns out to be just a really good storybook (ok, some parts are better than others) it’s very well documented in many religious and secular texts over the past few millennia that the best qualities of Homo sapiens include our compassion, integrity, self-awareness, and rationality. Without those qualities we are hungry ghosts walking the wasteland, living out the fulfillment of some sort of Hobbesian nightmare until finally succumbing to our poisoned environment as the earth shrugs it’s icy shoulders and pushes the ‘reset’ button.


In short; safety check everything, always assume it’s loaded, use buddy system, when in doubt don’t go out, put the oxygen mask on yourself first then assist others, objects may be closer than they appear, tie it off if it’s supposed to be tied off (otherwise don’t tie it off), keep calm/carry on, and the information presented on this website is for entertainment purposes only. Readers who use the information on this website do so at their own risk, and It Keeps You Alive will not compensate you in any way for use/misuse of said information that results in damage, loss, inconvenience or injury. Always consult a professional before trying something inherently dangerous. If you go out there and screw up, consider the possibility that you might not only get yourself and other people killed, but also ruin it for everyone else as well.


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