The Reasons Behind the Suicide Epidemic

According to a military acquaintance the amount of suicides on his base has gotten to the point where soldiers are dropping like flies. It is a disturbing trend in my own personal circles as well, and has been extensively documented not just in the United States but around the developed world.

Maybe too many video games and Hollywood endings have convinced people that they automatically get an extension at the end. It is a great strategy for numbing the brain for the purpose of inserting advertising messages, but for someone going through a rough time this idea must seem like an eternal prison sentence.

Life, contrary to popular belief, is fleetingly short. One minute you are bouncing quarters off various body parts, and the next minute they are sticking to your grey hair and wrinkles. When you look back it all seemingly happened in an instant, and the thought of rushing the inevitable becomes absurd. The bad news is we have all been indoctrinated no to think, but to obey, and without leaders worthy of respect that means possibly obeying our darkest impulses.

What we really need is a voice of reason to put it all in perspective, but what we get are Corporate HR trolls and other institutionalized gremlins that seem to think that holding seminars and telling people to watch each other and “seek help if you are experiencing blah blah blahis going to fix the problem. This is a result of having been trained to keep spouting vast amounts of FreindSpeak and other forms of politically correct ox droppings that let the worker know how disposable they are.

At some point we must confront the discomforting fact that modern civilization is not made for humans. We depend on subsidized giant agriculture that turns oil into poisoned food, sit in front of screens for hours a day constantly barraged by messages of our inadequateness compared with impossible standards, we work long hours in meaningless jobs to buy stuff that might impress people we hate and stare at fantasies on flashing screens as society crumbles around us. The real question should by why there are not MORE mass shooters.

Of course some of our fellow walking fast food sludge buckets decided that they want to do something exciting for once and take a few Normies with them. Thankfully the vast majority of throughly dissatisfied citizens prefer to hit the existential eject button as a solo venture , but the other type has been grabbing a lot of headlines recently. It has gotten to the point where government is trying to inspire confidence by telling us we can defend ourselves against mass shooters with pencils.

Or, you know, we can just give up the guns and everyone will be safe forever!

Up until recently it seemed plenty of people could still afford to ignore these signs of a civilization circling down flushed toilet bowl, but now Covid-19 has decided to kick out the chair and see how we like swinging from our necks for a bit. Our relationship with death just got a lot more real than our previous habit of browsing our feeds wondering which celebrity with a picture perfect life will be the next to hang themselves.

The giant illusion bubble that this world is some kind of video game that goes on forever has just been popped, but maybe that is a good thing. What effects this latest development has on suicide rates remains to be seen, but hopefully it inspires the masses to demand a lifestyle more meaningful than getting stuck on a coach-class airplane flight for a few decades.

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