Honolulu Civil Beat’s Shameless Race Baiting

Billionarie-owned Honolulu Civil Beat cannot understand why their establishment cheerleading opinions are being ignored, so instead of questioning their failed strategy to browbeat the plebs into submission they have decided to start a race...
Tusli Gabbard Honolulu Civil Beat

Why Honolulu Civil Beat Hates Tulsi Gabbard

Before she ran for President of the United States she was the cats pajamas according to billionaire-owned Honolulu Civil Beat. But after she took a stance against the DNC for blatant election fraud (which...
hurricane landfall preparedness

Panic Shopping: Hawaii’s Dumbest Sport

With the Covid-19 knocking on our door Hawaii has engaged in a favorite state past time, which is widespread shopping panic. It does not matter that the response to this highly communicable disease is...


Canadian Flag

Invade Canada!

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Checking out: Part Two

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Who Killed The Internet?