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It keeps you alive!A Violent Overthrow of Complacency.

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2018-05-23)

How To Survive A Volcano

The first rule is “Don’t jump in.” Go ahead and laugh it off. Ha ha very original. Now that you’ve got that out of your system consider the following.

While cinematic moments abound with people leaping into live volcanoes the gruesome truth is you’d probably need the assistance of a helicopter to do it, because before you even got close to the caldera either your boots would melt making walking impossible or you’d get suffocated by boring old poison gas. You might even slip and fall ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2017-04-11)

Surviving the Era of Big Men

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A couple years ago someone made a movie in Germany where Hitler gets teleported into 2014 and wakes up in a world of selfies, cooking shows, refugee crises and feckless politicians spinning their wheels while hoping the next media distraction is enough to divert our attention from their incompetence. In other words it's a perfect world for someone on Hitler's level to fester and spread in the walls like a toxic fungus.

It was a pretty funny movie with lots of cute moments that ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2017-03-11)

Who Killed the Internet?

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I'd be horrified right now if it wasn't so entertaining. More hackers, more leaks, and more revelations are flooding the news cycle about how all our nic nacs and gadgets are collecting information on us to be used later against our interests. While the nothing to hide/nothing to fear crowd is doing their best to poh poh the headlines with their philosophic poison, it's starting to dawn on people that the internet we've all come to know, hate, and completely depend on is built on ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2017-02-24)

Talk Shit, Get Shot

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“For some reason, you mutha fxxxxxs think this is a game. You think you can say anything you want and nothing will ever happen to you. You think we live in a new age... But Let me tell you, it can happen real easy.”

After the Chalrie Hebdo attack it seemed like Kony 2012 all over again. All my artsy-fartsy friends were throwing up Je Suis Charlie messages and images of bloody pens on their social media, talking about free speech. So I cruised around and ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-12-29)

My First 3 Gun

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Yesterday we had a special event at our local gun club. In fact it was very secretive when they announced it about two weeks ago. They gave a few obvious hints for people who were paying attention. Required equipment: pistol, rifle, and shotgun as well as the necessary holsters, mag pouches and shell carriers for reloading on-the-go.


Well I missed the initial sign-up, and given the popularity of the usual classes it would most likely be full within a day or so. Having never done anything ... Read the full article →