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RIP Elvis

A Death In The Family

Sad news for the IKYA clan. Our unofficial mascot and all-around handsome buggah dropped dead today in the back yard. We checked him for signs of trauma and disease, but he looked pretty healthy. Mrs. Feathers mentioned that he didn't want to eat anything this morning which is never a good sign for a rooster. They are always hungry.

The rest of the girls look fine, although you can tell they are shaken up about not having their man around any more. I cleaned out the cages today and no sign of any unusual bugs or rat droppings. After a quick research online we found out that layer food high in calcium can cause roosters to strain their kidneys working overtime, but I usually buy the triple duty food and supplement with kitchen scraps and ground up oyster shells.

His No-Crow Rooster Collar had been working fine for months, and there didn't seem to be any noticeable restrictions on his neck. I highly doubt that had anything to do with it since he had been wearing it for months with no problems.

The only other thing I can think if is that I cut down one of the banana trees a couple days ago and they were feasting on the core material. It's something we've done several times and the girls seemed to love it, but maybe it was too much for him? Impossible to say at this point but for sure I'll be keeping my eye on such things in the future.

The cockroaches feared him. The ladies loved him.
The cockroaches feared him. The ladies loved him.

Elvis had a good life, albeit short. The ladies loved him and he definitely had his favorites. The back yard is a lonelier place without him, but at least he will live on as the crowing noise at the beginning of the Survival Chicken Vs. Planet Evil video. We only published it a few days ago, but from now on I'll always think of him when I watch it.

So long King Elvis. Have a safe journey to that great chicken house in the sky.

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