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How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-11-21)

Do Not Fear The Illuminati

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Spend enough time on the Interwebz and inevitably you will come into contact with the conspiracy theorist under-verse of foaming pseudo-intellectuals all vying for your time and consciousness. While you have to be a certain special kind of idiot to believe we live in the world where the most powerful people operate with our best interests in mind, wading too far in the deep end of the conspiracy pool will inevitably leave you with the impression that there is no point in resisting the current ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-10-23)

Getting Lucky

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How Too Much Good Fortune Can Be A Bad Thing

The IKYA family just dodged another hurricane last week as Ana skirted the state, dumping some heavy rain and large surf but sparing us the damaging winds. That makes three this year that were heading right for us but decided to change paths at the last minute. The State of Hawaii has had a huge lucky streak when it comes to hurricanes, with only two notable exceptions. The most notable was Iniki, who basically set development ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-10-14)

RIP Elvis

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A Death In The Family

Sad news for the IKYA clan. Our unofficial mascot and all-around handsome buggah dropped dead today in the back yard. We checked him for signs of trauma and disease, but he looked pretty healthy. Mrs. Feathers mentioned that he didn't want to eat anything this morning which is never a good sign for a rooster. They are always hungry.

The rest of the girls look fine, although you can tell they are shaken up about not having their man around any more. ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-10-12)

Training - Survival Chicken's Nerf Conquest of Planet Evil

Are you really ready for every scenario?

So you got your bullets, beans, and band-aids. The bug out bag is packed and ready, secondary locations are lined up, and everything down to the tire pressure on your get-out-of-Dodge vehicle of choice is perfect.


You are now among the prepared elite. Not many people make it this far, but even if a fraction of the above mentioned list is squared away you are already light years ahead of the masses. ... Read the full article →

Article by Don Feathers (2014-10-11)

ISIS vs. Mexican Drug Cartels

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How To Survive The Baddest Of The Baddies

Editor's Note: We usually try to stick to advice and gear reviews but after becoming thoroughly disturbed with the popular topic among blogs and news organizations about arming up for some sort of impending war against the percieved evil of Islam, we figued it was time to really explore the heretofore unthinkable situation of an invading force taking over American soil. While the following article does not necessarily represent the opinions and views of everyone at It ... Read the full article →