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How To Guide by Don Feathers (2017-02-24)

Talk Shit, Get Shot

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“For some reason, you mutha fxxxxxs think this is a game. You think you can say anything you want and nothing will ever happen to you. You think we live in a new age... But Let me tell you, it can happen real easy.”

After the Chalrie Hebdo attack it seemed like Kony 2012 all over again. All my artsy-fartsy friends were throwing up Je Suis Charlie messages and images of bloody pens on their social media, talking about free speech. So I cruised around and ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-12-29)

My First 3 Gun

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Yesterday we had a special event at our local gun club. In fact it was very secretive when they announced it about two weeks ago. They gave a few obvious hints for people who were paying attention. Required equipment: pistol, rifle, and shotgun as well as the necessary holsters, mag pouches and shell carriers for reloading on-the-go.


Well I missed the initial sign-up, and given the popularity of the usual classes it would most likely be full within a day or so. Having never done anything ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-12-26)

Strategies For The Resistance Part Two

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You're still here after Part One? Wow. Writing that was making ME depressed, so I trully admire your gumption. I'm guessing the reason you stuck around was because either you like reading stuff that makes you angry, or you can tell things are getting ugly and want to figure out how to stop it. If it's the former then get ready to have your bacon burned, because from the perspective of a statist this is going to look like some seriously bad advice ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-12-26)

Strategies For The Resistance Part One

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Another week goes by, and another grand jury fails to indict a cop over the questionable killing of a citizen. The headlines were about angry mobs burning down Ferguson and protestors around the country stopping traffic and sucking teargas, but that wasn't the real story. What's really going on is that finally the injustice has reached a point where the majority of people are starting to get very concerned about their own well-being. Some very disturbing numbers are starting to get thrown around as ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-12-08)

SHTF Vehicles On A Budget

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If you do a quick image search for SHTF vehicles there seems to be an infinite variety of monster-themed big-wheeled large displacement machines that looked well-suited to plowing through hordes of zombie corpses (at least until their limbs start to gum up the wheel wells). Some of them are pretty cool, making this Chicken envious for sure. Unfortunately like most Americans these days, I'm on this thing called a 'budget' and can't necessarily fork out the big bucks for the kind of off-road mauler ... Read the full article →