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How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-12-29)

My First 3 Gun

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Yesterday we had a special event at our local gun club. In fact it was very secretive when they announced it about two weeks ago. They gave a few obvious hints for people who were paying attention. Required equipment: pistol, rifle, and shotgun as well as the necessary holsters, mag pouches and shell carriers for reloading on-the-go.


Well I missed the initial sign-up, and given the popularity of the usual classes it would most likely be full within a day or so. Having never done anything ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-12-29)

Range Toys- What Belongs In Your Safe?

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(UPDATE at the end of the article 12/28/14)

We have a saying at IKYA, which probably also serves as an abbreviated mission statement.

Tools not Toys

It was a heavy heart that I walked into the gun shop a couple of days ago, credit card in hand. Please let it not be there. I'll just peek in, it will be gone, and I'll walk back home with no regrets. But it was there, and at the same 'sale' price I had seen a few weeks ago. It's mostly ... Read the full article →