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How To Guide by (2018-05-17)

New And Improved IKYA 2.0 Second Relaunch The Sequel

It’s been a rough patch for this old rooster lately. The past few seasons have seen some health issues, career changes, etc that had me suddenly feeling my years and doing lots of internal examination about heavy subjects that just weren’t funny enough to write about at the time. I tried, but every time I wrote something it went to dark places which goes against my philosophy of helping you feel better after reading this stuff rather than worse.

Also pending legal issues came up, and being the kind of person who doesn’t know when to shut their mouth (especially when heavily medicated) I decided to keep quiet rather than saying things that I would regret.

also I have decided to become a donkey
also I have decided to become a donkey

But now that whole period is far enough in the rear view mirror where it seems hilarious for some reason, so it’s time to strap the electrodes on this carcass of a website and inject it full of my super secret re-animation formula (powdered espresso, diaphragmatic breathing, and fist fulls of microgreens).

IKYA is back!

Looks like we have a long way to go, though. Kinda sucks that we lost most of our audience and Barney probably thinks I’m dead and kept the lights on as a memorial. Sup dude. Sorry about the hiatus.

But now that the pain pills are in the trash can where they belong and the physical therapy is winding down it’s time to get back on the theoretical horse (this time wearing a theoretical helmet), so sit back and relax as we figure out a way to replace “sit back and relax” from the header on our main page.

Also that means we will probably do more articles as well, maybe even once a week on a particular day so people can look forward to it and stuff. Because other writers who know what they are doing seem to operatelike that.

How about Mondays? That seems to be the day of the week when people would most appreciate survival advice mixed with humor.

In the meantime I wish you long life and good health, and if you plan on keeping them stay off my lawn.


Aloha Mothercluckers,

Don Feathers aka Survival Chicken



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